Welcome Letter

September 3, 2017

Greetings 2.4M/1.2M/Youth Swimmer!

The TEAM Fort Collins Horsetooth Open Water 2.4M/1.2M/Youth Swim is on Sunday. The Race Committee, the community of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado are looking forward to hosting you the Swim on Sunday September 10th. Water temperature was measured at 71F on Tuesday.

We swim from the South Bay Beach area of the Horsetooth Reservoir in a 1.2M loop.  The 2.4M swimmers will complete two of these loops.  The Youth swims will be out and back courses.

This year we are excited to announce a Collegiate competition.  We have teams from Air Force, UNC and CSU swimming in the 2.4M swim this year.  They will be in their own wave and will be the first wave of the day so we can all watch them take off in a youthful, energetic start!


Sunday, September 10

5:30am – Check in opens

6:30 am –Swimmer meeting. All Swimmers should be body marked and checked in.

6:45 am – Swimmers line up behind swim heat signs

6:59 am – First wave swimmers proceed over timing mat and enter the water

7:00 am – 2.4M Collegiate Swimmers Race start

(2.4M Age Group Swimmer wave proceed over timing mat)

7:01 am – 2.4M Age Group Swimmers Race start

(1.2M Wave proceed over timing mat)

7:02 am – 1.2M swimmers proceed over timing mat and enter the water

8:30 am – Awards for the 1.2m

9:00am – Race start for 1000 and 250 yard races

9:30 am – Awards for the 250 yd, 1000 yd, 2.4M


Horsetooth Reservoir water level is dropping rapidly this year but we do not anticipate any major change in the race course.  Temperature was measured at 71F on Friday, September 1th.  There may be conditions such as bacteria, lightning on race day or other forces of nature that may lead to the cancellation of the Horsetooth Open Water Swim.

If the Horsetooth Open Water Swim is canceled the committee wishes to inform you that it will not issue refunds. We hope you appreciate that circumstances are such that we have many sunk costs at this point. And, we know that you understand this is a fund raising project for TEAM Fort Collins, a social service agency devoted to preventing abuse drug and alcohol. No individuals receive any compensation. Your fees will be put to good use.


Swimmers will park at South Bay parking lot. Parking is limited so please carpool if possible.  Please follow the direction so the parking attendants! Do not park in the trailer spots, you will be ticketed and towed.

Link for Directions

Answers to some recent questions:

  1. What swim suit is allowed?

Please read the RULES on the website:

  1. How can spectators watch this exciting event?

The majority of the 1.2M and 2.4M race can be watched from the Pavilion by the Start/Finish line.  There is only a short distance as the swimmers are heading North that they will not be visible from the Pavilion.  There is no convenient way for spectators to watch the swimmers for this section.

  1. What’s the water temp?

Water temperature in Horsetooth Reservoir at this time of year is usually in the low 70s. We hasten to state that the temperature can drop if the water czars decide to put in new water from the high country. Sorry…no guarantees for race day!  It has ranged from 58 to 74 °F over the last 14 years.

  1. What if there is bad weather? In the unlikely situation that severe weather on Sunday forces us to cancel the race, there will be no refunds of fees. We have not canceled in 17 years, so….
  1. I’ll be tired and hungry when I finish! Any food available?

Yes, free food and drinks for swimmers and paddlers. There will be a Boy Scout troop making pancakes for all the participants and spectators.  We had some confusion last year but this year we have asked them to continue making pancakes until the very last swimmer has their share.

  1. I would like to swim in Horsetooth before the race. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to swim in Horsetooth unless you swim in the small swim beach areas or as part of an event like the Team Fort Collins Horsetooth Swims.

  1. Awards can be picked prior to the award ceremony.

The Race Committee looks forward to meeting you and to a successful swim!

Any last minute questions?? Email the committee at .