Medical Aid on Race Day
On water emergency services will be provided by Larimer County Dive Rescue or Coast Guard staff in zodiacs and Park Rangers in power boats. EMTs from Poudre Valley Hospital will be in attendance. They will be ready to treat cold and water injuries in addition to their normal care.

The EMT's will be at the finish area. There will be multiple Dive Rescue boats on the lake looking for people in trouble.

10K Swim
Spectator boats for any of the races will not be allowed to follow "their" swimmer on the course. They can follow them from a safe distance beyond the race course (behind safety canoes/kayaks), but will not be allowed to follow next to the swimmer they are watching.

Each 10K swimmer is required to have a escort craft during the race. An escort craft consists of a kayak or canoe with a paddler who accompanies the swimmer for the duration of the 10K swim. Swimmers have two options for obtaining escort craft:

  1. Swimmers may provide their own escort craft and paddler
  2. Swimmers may request an escort craft and paddler. The Horsetooth Swim Committee will arrange escort craft and paddlers for the first 25 requests, on a first-come, first-served basis. There is an additional $25 fee for the Horsetooth Swim Committee to provide escort craft and paddler.

10K swim escort crafts are required for several reasons

Better Visibility. The lake will have a decent amount of power boat traffic, especially for late finishers. Escort boats are more visible to other boats on the lake than a single swimmer.

Nutrition. As mentioned in the FAQ, nutrition on a 10K race needs to be taken into consideration during training. You will be in the water for 2-5 hours, and will need to eat and drink. Your escort craft will be your dining table.

Your Health. The people in your escort craft will be watching you during the race, if you get into trouble due to hypothermia, illness, etc, they are there to provide you flotation (life-jacket) and to contact Dive Rescue who can treat you on their boats while they take you to the finish line where the EMTs are.

Other Horsetooth Swim Events

For all other races (2.4 & 1 mile, 250 & 1000 yards), the race committee will provide safety boats.

10K Dinner and
Pre-race Meeting

There is a mandatory pre-race dinner and meeting Saturday the day before the race. This is only for the 10K swimmers, paddlers, and families. More details.